Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chinese Seal, Dancing Beijing

The Indian Chinese community in India is also as excited as the community all over the world ( One World One Dream ) in the event of Beijing 2008 Olympics. For most of us it may be once in the lifetime experience and definitely it is the first time ever.

Here in Kolkata, we have two communities: one known as Territti Bazar or Old Chinatown or Calcutta Chinatown (Downtown Chinatown), the other as Tangra Chinatown. There are plans to have gatherings in order to enhance the joy of togetherness and savouring the pleasure of this great event.

The community in Territti Bazar will have their gathering at Sea Ip Church, while Tangra Community will hold the gathering at the spacious Pei May Chinese High School .

The gathering at Sea Ip will take this opportunity to honour the senior members of the community, as to show how precious they are and fortunate for us to have them with us. At the same time to remember that they are considered as a tangible sign of blessing on the whole Community.
We take this opportunity to invite all Indian Chinese, where they may be, to be with us at least in their mind and Spirit.

Friday, July 11, 2008

觀今宜鑒古 ,無古不成今。

This is taken from our ancient sayings, it happened to emerge in my mind after hearing the remark from an Indian research student, who is doing her Ph.D.
She made this remark in the context about the experience in her research in the written aspect of the Chinese in India.
We are proud to share with one and all, that the time for the Indian Chinese in Calcutta or Kolkata to move forward towards a brighter future has come. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to recollect our past and then orient our direction of forward thrust.
It will be sad and also rather late, to only lament about the lack of written history of our presence in Calcutta, but it is also a great opportunity for us to do so. It is undoubtedly a great service to our descendants and to the Chinese all over the world besides to the culture of the land we live in.
We, thereby appeal to all the Indian Chinese, no matter where you may be living now, to offer to our ancestors the sacrifice of writing or sending to this blog, whatever you know, by experience or by what you had heard from reliable sourses and any printed material or photographs.
We appreciate your sacrifice and contributions to keep the fire and the warm significance that help us to keep our head high, and to be proud of our ancestors and their achievements.
Please do pass this message to all your friends, so that more drops of encouragement will be collected to form the fountain of memories.