Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Festival Celebration 2016

"梅花_Méihuā" - ( Plum Blossom ) - SONG & DANCE

"梅花_Méihuā" by Thomas Chen 陈永康 an Indian Chinese singer from Kolkata & Fan dance group.

The song "梅花_Méihuā" in Chinese means a flower called Plum Blossom. It is an extremely famous song sung by Teresa Teng and is loved by all. "梅花_Méihuā" is also the National flower of Taiwan, and one of the very famous flowers in China. Do listen to Thomas Chen’s rendition of this iconic song along with beautiful fan dance choreographed by Thomas himself

Fan Dancers :

1. Sharon Meghani
2. Dennis Chu
3. Doris Chu
4. Vanesa Lan
5. Irene Meghani