Thursday, December 31, 2009

Significance of Fire Crackers

We all know, the loud noise most of the time disturb the peace of silence, but when accompany with burst of brightness it creates a sense of security , excitement amidst of the darkness and sadness.

It is believed that a Chinese monk Li Tian of Hunan province during Tang dynasty, invented the firecracker- that he filled the bamboo tube with gun powder. That loud noise that got rid of the evil dragon that troubled the Emperor of the time. Thus the tradition of using fire crackers to frighten off the evil spirit begun, and thereby it is employed to announce the joyous celebration of marriage , enhance the joy of religious celebration and in chasing away the evil and welcome the good luck of the Chinese New year.

All these seem to be originated with bamboo tube. Someone might have noticed when bamboos are burnt as fire wood, bangs will be heard. It so happened when an army chef, who filled the three common kitchen ingredient of charcoal. Saltpeter , and sulfur into the bamboo tube and put in the fire to burn, an explosion accompanied with a very loud bang . That was believed to be the humble birth of fire cracker, of all places in the most unlikely army’s kitchen.

Thus for the Chinese, Crackers are the means of bringing in good fortune, announcing glad and happy events and celebrating success of our day to day life and an essential ingredient of celebration of New Year