Sunday, February 24, 2008

Anniversary of Sumgail Tragedy.

I attended the 20th anniversary of Sumgail Tragedy on the invitation by Rev. Fr. Oshagan Culgulian at Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy, Kolkata.
It was a very meaningful and strengthening experience. It leads us with compassion and sorrow through the suffering of those who had received from the hands of inhuman cruelty of fellow human being. It takes to a deeper level of understanding, in order that we the living may do whatever it takes to prepare ourselves to make it impossible for it to happen again.
To one and all, learning of the truth with all its horrors and sufferings is essential, for then it will have the power to unit and empower people, society and the world to be aware, awaken and to have the determination to stop reoccurrence of such inhuman acts.

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