Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chinese Literature

The Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature or 四 大 名 著 Si Da Ming Zhu

Dream of the Red Chamber ( 紅 樓 夢) known as A Dream of Red Mansions or The Story of the Stone or The Chronicles of the Stone, 石 頭 記 , Shítóu Jì .
A Dream of Red Mansion also named as Tale of the Rock. It is of a tragic love story by Cáo Xuěqín (曹 雪 芹) .

Water Margin (水 滸 傳 ) known as All Men Are Brothers also as Outlaws of the Marsh .
It is based on the folk tales of a band of rebels by Shī Nài'ān (施 耐 庵) .

Romance of the Three Kingdoms (三 國 演 義 )
Three kingdoms based on the historical records of the conflict between the kingdoms of Wei, Shi and Wu (220 –265 A.D. 羅 貫 中) by Luó Guànzhōng

Journey to the West (西 遊 記) also known as Monkey King and Monkey.
Journey to the West is based on the Tang Dynasty monk who made the journey to India to fetch the Buddhist Scriptures by Wú Chéng'ēn (吳 承 恩) This is one of The Four Journeys.

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