Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Traditionally, in the five colours, viz. Red, Yellow, Green , Black and White, sometime, we wonder why the prime colour Blue is not among these.The reason is, colour Green is the colour of growing; like colour of leaves during spring; it ranges from yellowish green to dark blue, therefore the colour blue is inclusive of green in the traditional Chinese colour.

The significance of these five basic colours of the Chinese tradition or traditional Chinese system of colours are :

Red : Good luck, celebration, happiness, joy, vitality, long life, generosity and romance, therefore it is the bridal colour.

Yellow : Nourishing, of royalty, joy, happiness, intelligence, optimism and honour.

Green : Growing, developing, success, abundant, fertility, Hope, good health and good fortune.

Black : Protection, strength of character , power, dignity, formality, secretiveness.

White : Purity, peace, virginity, positivity, reverence, simplicity, self-sacrifice, precision, and innocence. This colour is used when mourning the death.

Gold is also seen as bright, prestigious and an obvious symbol of the rich. Gold is the second most auspicious colour after red.

Silver is considered vibrant and bright, the most distinctive attribute of silver is its modernity.

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