Friday, June 18, 2010

Computex Taipei

COMPUTEX 30th Anniversary, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) presents the vision of the year “COMPUTEX 2010 3D Virtual Tradeshow”

Join in the 3D Virtual Tradeshow, and interact with leading buyers and manufacturers from around the world without any barriers during the period of Computex and until August 31 .

COMPUTEX TAIPEI has become the largest computer exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world, next to CeBIT in Germany. Each year, key global businesses come to this event to launch their new products. Since a large portion of the businesses in the world have research and deployment centers or production facilities in Taiwan, this exhibition attracts observers, analysts, and journalists of computer and information industries from all over the world to discover and report the latest technologies, developments, and trends.

Industry Overview

After long-term OEM collaboration with major international manufacturers, Taiwan’s IT industry has transformed from simple manufacture to an industry of global logistics in design and manufacturing. From setting up R&D and technical support centers to global production and operation centers, it’s these companies across the island who have made Taiwan's IT industry a driving force in the world market. Taiwan holds many first places in the world, and is way out front in the manufacture of wafers, IC packing, laptops, LCD displays, and data servers.


1.Largest show in Asia, world's leading ICT event, 29th year

2.Taiwan's largest export exhibition, using 4 venues

3.Exhibition with largest number of international buyers (35,000)

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