Wednesday, December 11, 2013

World Mind Games 2013


12-18 December, Beijing 
                                                             World Mind Games
                           SportAccord World Mind Games is a multi-sports event centered on the gymnasium of the mind, highlighting the great value of the mind sports.

On the program there are five minds sports : Bridge,  Chess,  Draughts,  Go,  XiangQi.

They are all about the power of the human brain, strategy, intelligence and the exercise of the mind.

In addition, a competitive attitude, quick reflexes, physical fitness, and discipline are needed to excel.

Mind Sports intervene in the fields of education and health with teaching programs in schools and, for adults and older players, enables them to retain their intellectual faculties while also providing an active social life through meeting and playing with others.

The event not only demonstrates the world a first-class performance of the mind sports competitions, but the cultural and social aspects are also showcased during the event.

The event includes a worldwide online tournament and a cultural and social programme.

The five international sports federations participating in SportAccord World Mind Games are:

World Bridge Federation (WBF)

World Chess Federation (FIDE)

World Draughts Federation (FMJD)

International Go Federation (IGF)

World XiangQi Federation (WXF)

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