Sunday, April 20, 2014

Water Drop TeaHouse

The Chinese have been in Kolkata for more than 230 years.  Their numbers have been decreasing as many of them have been leaving for other lands. There are efforts to start a revival, although it seems impossible. However some Chinese and well wishers are trying to put our shoulder to the wheel to make good our stay in the land of our birth.

                                                                    The Teahouse

In West Bengal one the most famous and popular activity is having tea. This friendly pastime is a medium for gathering together for bonding or as a prelude to more serious business.

We welcome the initiative by the disciples of Fo Guang Buddhist Temple for opening the Water Drop Teahouse.

This Teahouse is a humble offering to the citizens of Kolkata to experience the taste of Chinese culture and share the treasures of Chinese living in India.

Currently, the Teahouse is opened only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 15.00 hours to 18.00 hours.

We would seriously advice you not visit it after 17.00 hours as supply may run short.This is a strictly vegetarian joint.

Some of the items include :

Fruit Tea, Indonesia Traditional Herbal Tea, Lotus Tea, Herbal Tea ( Chrysanthemum Wolfberry etc..),Jasmine, Dry Raisen, Red Date Tea.

Dumplings : (momo), Sushi, Mushroom Cheese Sandwich,
Rice : FGS ( Lucky ) Special Rice, Spring, Special Package Rice, Indonesia Turmeric Rice, Golden Fried Rice, Mahogany Fried Rice.

Fried Noodle, Fried Rice Noodles. In addition there are soups such as Tomato, Sweet Corn and Hot and Sour soup.

This is but offering by the Temple's disciples and therefore all charges are treated as donation.

If you want to have the unique  experience do drop in at :

The Waterdrop Teahouse
Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple,
8 / 1  New Tangra Road,
 Kolkata -700046

Contact number : (033) 3292 3031 

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