Sunday, March 1, 2015

Soya Sauce and Garam Masala


2015 Spring Lecture

March 10,2015

Lecture Location :

Hebron Christian Reformed Church
4240 Anderson Street
Whitby, Ontario, Canada L1R 2W1

 All lectures take place on Tuesday afternoons and begin promptly at 1:30 p.m. They last for approximately 1 hour and are usually followed by a question and answer opportunity.  They are preceded by announcements.  It is therefore reccomended that you arrive by 1:00 pm.
Speaker: Kwai Li

Background :  Kwai Li is a writer, an accountant (CPA), a lecturer

at the Professional Writing and Communication Department,

University of Toronto in Mississauga and a presenter.

Title: Soya Sauce and Garam Masala: Tales from a Chinese Community in Calcutta, India.

Description: When the Chinese immigrated to Calcutta from China in the 1920s,

they brought their language, beliefs and way of life with them. Within three

decades, a distinct culture prospered in the Chinatown of Calcutta, a culture that

was Chinese, and at the same time, Indian. The Calcutta Chinatown declined after

1962 Sino-Indian Border War. In this presentation, Kwai Li will guide us on a tour

of Calcutta Chinatown that no longer exists.


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